Based   on   the   demand   we   can   provide   a   complete   solution   for   a specific   need   or   a   solution   suited   for   a   range   of   needs   via   the exchangable    hardware    carriers    -    gimbals,    that    can    carry different    products,    from    standard    cameras    to    specialized equipment, even an LIDAR device. If    you    are    in    search    of    a    specific    solution,    contact    us    on    and   we   will   make   an   optimal   solution for you based on your requirements.  
We     also     offer     consulting     services     that     cover available   solutions,   hardware   and   software   on   the market    which    we    follow    very    closely    and    in combination   with   knowledge   that   we   accumulated during   the   years   we   can   guide   you   to   the   optimal solution to your problem or need.
Besides   development,   design   and   production   of   our own   brand   of   drones   we   also   offer   develpoment   and production   services   for   custom   parts   or   other   drone equipment   for   customers.   End   product   can   be   an actual produced part, deivce or a CAD/CAM model.
For   all   multirotors,   planes   and   equipment   that   we   sell, we   also   offer   full   repair   and   mainteinance   services   in a   form   of   scheduled   checks,   operational   tests   and hardware or software upgrades.
We   provide   training   sesions   for   all   products   and   solutions we   offer,   hardware   and   software.   That   means   that   if   you purchase    a    complete    solution    for    otrophoto    or    digital elevation   model   (DEM)   production   with   Agisoft,   we   will teach   you   to   operate   a   drone   (   multirotor   or   plane   )   and also   all   the   procedures   to   create   the   ortofoto   or   DEM   with Agisoft PhotoScan Professional.
We    provide    aerial    photography    and    videography services   and   depending   on   the   puropse   we   can   use different   equipment,   from   compact   or   DSLR   cameras to thermal imaging cameras.